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This taste is not a matter of coincidence.
Pudliszki is the largest tomato ketchup and tomato paste producer in Poland, at the same time is one of the strongest Polish brands. Our offer includes also many other products such as, ready meals, canned vegetables and cooking sauces, and is a leader or vice-leader in most of these categories.
We believe that this taste starts with seeds, that is why we take care about each of them. Our products are produced locally in Pudliszki and we are using only the best fruits and vegetables. Pudliszki makes every effort to ensure that its products - starting from essential kitchen ingredients to ready-made sauces and dinner dishes - are made only with the finest, authentic ingredients.
All products go through very strict quality control, including its operations, starting with supplier certification and raw materials inspection, and use of advanced technology to test and maintain quality.
Pudliszki enjoys a growing interest among foreign consumers, who are looking for a traditional taste of Polish products. As a result, Pudliszki established strong position in UK, Ireland, United States, Germany, and many others countries.

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pdf.png"Pudliszki Commercial Offer 2016"

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